With the average resident aged between 20-39 years old, West Ryde is a relatively youthful suburb. Boasting the convenience of being a short trip by train or bus from the city while still having the perks of the suburbs, it’s no surprise West Ryde is equally popular with young singles and young families.


Much like the rest of the Ryde area, the last five years have seen West Ryde undergo rapid growth with the redevelopment of Top Ryde Shopping Centre and an influx of new high-density apartment blocks. 

Don't be fooled though, sure, West Ryde may be going through a period of rapid change but one thing that hasn't changed is the suburb's sense of community and neighbourly spirit. If you get away from the main roads West Ryde is a treasure trove of quiet leafy streets with a fairly even mix of older and newer homes.

One of the latter was this quaint brick home, unfortunately destined for demolition. Although the actual dwelling was fairly straight forward, tight access on the property called for the skilled hand of one of our veteran excavator operators.