It's not all too often that Home Demolitions encounters wildlife whilst on a site; Sure, occasionally there may be a perturbed possum overlooking the day time demolishing from a tree, sometimes we have to be the bearers of bad news and tell a solitary rat that it will need to find alternative accomodation whilst it's current dwelling is demolished to make way for new developments but generally, a demolition site is not the kind of environment that any little animal wants to be around.


This particular property located in Warrawee on Sydney's Upper Northern Shore had one peculiar resident that had spent so much time decorating his home with beautiful Blue objects that he straight out simply refused to move. The Satin bowerbird or Ptilonorhynchus violaceus (for those playing at home) uses brightly coloured materials in an attempt to attract a suitable mate, the objects collected can come from a wide range of sources and generally stick to a strong colour theme, this instance we were able to see an assortment of bottle caps, pen lids and even some children's toys all coloured a similar tone of brilliant blue.

Fortunately for this romantic little bird, Home Demolitions were able to carry out the task at hand without any disturbance to his den "well, a little noise may have temporarily deterred some potential mates?" but hey, it's a small price to pay for not only having a fabulous new residence, but also the opportunity to scavenge an unfathomable number of blue items from the future construction process!