Housing affordability has been a hot topic in Australia for quite some time, with numerous solutions and a whole lot of finger pointing going on. Whilst The recent Federal Budget has done little in the way of increasing accessibility to younger families to purchase their first home, it has incentivised downsizing to the older generation of Australians that were able to take advantage of property prior to the housing bubble.


When discussing downsizing, one usually thinks of simply selling up the big family house and moving into a more fitting townhouse, villa or apartment, which is a whole lot easier said than done. Why should I move, I worked hard for this house, I like my neighbours - I hear you all saying. Well, there is another way, take this Wahroonga home for example, a behemoth of a property, it's dual stories sprawled across two seperate land divisions with a seldom ever used pool, half size tennis court and a grim area of overgrown shrubbery referred to as the forbidden zone

The simple solution obviously being to demolish the existing structure, return the land back to it's original two titles, sell one so that future families can have a home but still retain your comfortable lifestyle within the neighbourhood; Added bonus of new home perks such as vastly improved energy efficiency, structural safety and integration of modern technologies to make life that little more pleasant.