Located in Sydney’s leafy North Shore, Turramurra is green and peaceful. Even amongst its hilly neighbours, Turramurra stands out with many houses built on fairly elevated and steeply sloping land. This raises a range of challenges when demolishing in the area, particularly when it comes to salvaging bricks, wood and other building materials to be recycled. 

Turramurra also features a diverse array of architectural styles. The past meets the present as beautifully maintained federation cottages stand side by side with newly built family homes that feature a more contemporary design style. 


This double brick home was located on a surprisingly flat block of land for the area and made for a fairly straight forward demolition job. What did stand out was the property’s striking green paint, plaster accents and eclectic design choices. In particular, the shattered orange terracotta roof tiles contrasting with the light green of the painted bricks made for a memorable image.