One of the hilliest suburbs of Sydney’s North Shore, Turramurra is possibly the most unique areas in the city from a demolition point of view. Unlike other parts of Sydney, Turramurra and it’s surrounding suburbs of Pymble and Wahroonga lack any condition of uniformity across their residential dwellings.


Despite an average land size of over 950 square meters, each property’s architecture has a completely conflicting agenda from small preserved Federation cottages to sprawling futuristic multi-storey dream homes thus making demolition in the region both popular and challenging on accord of the specialised equipment and techniques utilised on the differing structures.

This particular 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, double brick home from the 1970’s covers a total of 767 square meters, all of which situated on a relatively sharp gradient sloping up from adjoining street which makes not the demolition itself difficult but rather the collection of waste and recyclables from the site after work has been completed. The below photos are of the properties second day of demolition with asbestos removal and all salvageable goods being collected the day just before.