Strathfield is a suburb on the move. Popular with young professionals and working families, Strathfield station is always a hub of activity as people commute to and from work. Located a short 17km west of the CBD, the suburb is just a 20 minute train or car ride from the sites of the iconic Sydney city. 

When it comes to housing, Strathfield is an eclectic mix, with the suburb playing host to apartments, townhouses, Californian Bungalows, federation homes and more modern buildings.  Although the area around the station is populated by newer apartment buildings, venturing into Strathfield's more suburban streets will reveal some more unique and eye-catching homes, such as this truly bizzare pink home.  


Nic-named 'the pink behemoth', this huge house proved to be a formidable job. Although the house itself was very large, access was limited as the building took up most of the property it was situated on. This meant that our excavator operator initially had a fairly small area in which to begin structural demolition.

Fortunately, our excavator operators are no strangers to tight access jobs and were able to make short work of this impressive house!