Sometimes a unique project calls for specialised equipment and personal, in this particular instance a kids cubby house which was no longer fit for play needed prompt demolition. Although not designed nor built to Australian Design Rules & regulations, this certain structure was constructed in a fashion not dissimilar to a contemporary Australian home and even consisted of materials familiar to The Home Demolitions Team like corrugated iron and treated pine. Considered a scaled version of a regular demolition, it was decided to employ the use of machinery and staff of an equal calibre. Armed with a Japanese built diesel Yanmar SV08, Home Demolitions' youngest site manager took complete control of all works to be performed starting with pre-site inspections, hazardous waste removal (girl germs, a my little pony doll and glitter) followed by skilful deconstruction of the property and even salvaged some of the left over materials for future construction projects. The owners could not have been happier with the service provided, completion occurred well within the predicted timeframe and under budget to boot! 

Photography performed under strict professional guidance & supervision within a controlled environment. All & Any demolition equipment, materials and goods were operated or handled by a trained operator in possession of relevant licences and certificates . Home Demolitions operates within the strictest guides of conduct as per outlined by governing bodies including but not limited to ASIC, ACCC & Workcover Australia. For any further information please contact Home Demolitions on 1300 045 355.