Many houses and businesses contain materials which can be salvaged, processed and reclaimed for future use. Depending on the type of materials a property is constructed, the total cost of demolition can be significantly reduced by effectively offsetting the costs involved with the value of materials it contains. 

Salvage works generally begin prior to demolition and are conducted by our expert team under the same conditions that all deconstruction and demolition work is performed; Adhering to the strictest in workplace safety is our priority.

Although the evaluation and planning stage of salvage can add a little more time to the entirety of the project, depending on the makeup of the building, a large percent of the initial quote can often be offset allowing clients with slightly more flexible timeframes and plans to reap the benefits of subsidised demolition.

Salvaged goods are often given new life as vintage and rustic feature items in new developments and fit-outs but are also popular with those looking to restore their homes with matching period correct fittings and fixtures. 

Finally contact Home Demolitions today to learn more about our salvage subsidies, saving you money whilst saving the environment.