The leafy upper North Shore suburb of Saint Ives prides itself on embracing a slower pace. This peaceful suburban haven boasts tree lined streets, houses with generous backyards and a bustling local shopping district. Plus a short jaunt on Monavale Road connects Saint Ives with Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches. 


Primarily populated by families, 50% of the home owners in Saint Ives have children and accordingly, the area is dominated by free-standing homes, usually on the larger side. 

Although new smaller units and apartment-style developments have begun to take hold in the suburb, they have only been built more recently and are primarily concentrated around the Saint ives’ shopping district. 

Saint Ives began to boom in the 1960’s, and saw lots of government commissioned weather board houses being built in the suburb during this period. Today the suburb boasts a stunning selection of period and federation style housing, most of which are on generous double-sized blocks. 

This old double brick home possessed one of the large backyards as well as the thriving green foliage Saint Ives is known for. 

Although it had been ravaged by time, this house would have been stunning in its prime, with its double bricks, terracotta tile roof, quaint fireplace and idyllic garden shed.