The last suburb between metropolitan Sydney and the scenic Blue Mountains, Penrith may be too far for some, but for many renters and homebuyers it offers some much needed respite from Sydney’s high property prices. Although it may be 50 km from the Sydney CBD, Penrith’s affordability is a huge appeal and the cost of a three bedroom detached home in the suburb is only slightly more expensive than an apartment in inner city Sydney!


Although Penrith is already positioned as Western Sydney’s commercial hub, more development is planned, primarily in the form of office and retail space as well as more housing. This development plan is also being supported by the state government’s commitment to more infrastructure and employment opportunities in the area.

Newer housing estates made up of detached or semi detached housing are already becoming popular in the suburb and have been a big drawcard, brining in new homeowners and renters.

These new estates aside, most of the existing housing in Penrith is older, constructed during the building boom of the 1960’s and 70’s. While some of these properties have been well maintained, others have fallen into disrepair, such as this old brick home we were brought in to demolish.

Although it looks like a standard brick home from the outside, the property's sizeable backyard featured a bizarre bright orange ‘walkway’, for lack of a better word, that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of a spaghetti western of an episode or the Flintstones!