Development in the Hornsby region is literally exploding with old structures coming down to make way for new apartments and homes almost every single day, being one of the larger electorates in Sydney, the numbers become quite substantial when studying growth figures; which to date do not seem to be slowing down at all.

Since 2012 there have been 1293 new units and 367 new homes built in Hornsby, but there are plans for another 723 homes and 4581 units on the books.
— Hornsby Advocate: August 25, 2016

This Pennant Hills property much the same as the homes of surrounding suburbs like Castle Hill and Beecroft contained a decent amount of asbestos, generally attributed to the cooler climate and period of development (1960s) fibreboard was the material of choice when slapping together homes.


The fact that this home was constructed of bricks would lead most to believe that the amount of asbestos would be kept to a minimum however the original builders must have realised this and managed stuff asbestos laden materials in just about everything that was no made of brick. Fortunately, most was easy to identify and thus the total cost of removal was easily calculated long before demolition work began. Many sites that we at Home Demolitions work on have specific requests to keep particular structures such as the original mailbox or a sentimental shrub but in this case it wad a completely level flat piece of land at hand over. We look forward to seeing what is built!