information for neighbours

Nobody wants to irritate the neighbours of their new dream home before it's even built;
However, before construction can begin, existing structures must be demolished. Believe it or not, the process of actual demolition is generally only a day or two, which in contrast to the national construction average of six months is incredibly fast.
Home Demolitions takes pride in our honest and straight forward operation policies, we in no way, shape or form will ever attempt to mislead the public and are always happy to discuss your concerns no matter how big all small.
Ensuring community satisfaction is our priority.

Does my neighbours property contain asbestos?

Possibly, many Australian homes utilise asbestos in one form or another "maybe even yours" and if it does, we will inform you in writing long before demolition commences. Although Home Demolitions adheres to the strictest asbestos remediation procedures there are a couple of extra precautionary steps that can be taken such as removing laundry from external clothes lines and temporarily turning off electric roof ventilation devices to minimise any potential for exposure- read more here.

Why is my neighbour demolishing their property?

There are many reasons to demolish a property, but for the most part, it is to enable future development and construction on a fresh level block of land. The process of replacing old structures with more advanced, modern materials, designs and technology is often far cheaper than renovating and can potentially represent thousands of dollars in savings each year thanks to significantly reduced heating, cooling and water bills. 

What hours will Home Demolitions be operating?

Generally speaking our hours are from eight until four, if you have any particular requests in accordance with young children, work schedules or medical conditions, please let us know and we will gladly work with you to find a suitable solution for all parties. 

Can I have a look at what is going on?

A demolition site is required by law to be fenced to prevent danger to staff and the public, all worksites contain inherent dangers and personal protective equipment must be worn in accordance with state regulations. You are more than welcome to observe from the street provided it does not block access for others.

Can I have a particular item from the house before it is demolished?

Contractually speaking, from the instance that a property is fenced off for demolition, the salvage rights to any and all materials found upon the site belong to Home Demolitions (unless Home Demolitions is informed of a prior arrangement with the owner) if there is something of particular interest to you - feel free to give us a call on 1300 045 355 and ask!



Common Misconceptions

  • Demolition contractors destroy historic buildings that should be saved:
    Demolition contractors help preservationists save & restore historical buildings by removing harmful substances & making way for energy efficiency upgrades

  • Demolition is bad for the environment:
    Home Demolitions is leading the way in environmental conservation. We like many others in the industry removes toxins and hazardous material from by gone eras from old buildings.

  • Demolition overcrowds landfills with debris:
    Home Demolitions has been salvaging building materials long before the modern green movement was popular. Over 970,000 tonnes of metals, wood and cement is recycled in Australia each year thanks to the demolition industry.

  • Demolition is an unsophisticated business:
    Home Demolitions is a large group of professionals all of which are highly trained experts. A safe & successful demolition project requires specialised equipment, techniques, & work practices.

  • Demolition practices never change:
    Safe and efficient demolition techniques are constantly being revised and updated as technology improves and changes. Home Demolitions is at the forefront of demolition advancement in an effort to have the smallest impact on our environment as possible.

  • Demolition is expensive:
    Demolition in Australia generally costs less than 3% of the cost of the buildings construction.