The suburb of Mosman and it's people (Mosmanites. . . Mosmanians?) are generally revered as being some of Sydney's elite with average household incomes almost double the national average and property prices almost triple! It is understandable too, it's close proximity to the CBD and relaxed ocean side appeal is definitely a huge selling point.


Interestingly though, Mosman as we know it today is actually comprised of several key areas including Spit Junction, Clifton gardens and Beauty Point with each contributing to the rather hefty nine square kilometre municipality. Despite being quite some distance from the nearest waste drop off zones, demolishing a home in Mosman is relatively simple thanks to large streets providing ample access and with the majority of homes set on large rectangular blocks, we've got our task covered.

What makes life even easier for owners, developers, builder and demolishers is when fibre reinforced cement sheet is labeled as "manufactured without asbestos" see pictures below. Further to the interesting find of non asbestos board was the homes original plaster which had been grafted in the traditional lath and plaster or "horse hair" manner as it often referred to, although not excessively rare, it's always great to see a piece of traditional workman ship from times prior to mass manufacturing and industrialisation.