Situated in Sydney's South West, Liverpool is a rapidly growing residential and retail hub. Between the end of 2017 and 2036, the suburb's population is expected to double, increasing to a predicted 40,000 residents. In response to this, apartments blocks are springing up all around the streets nearby Liverpool Hospital and the local council is considering selling off the land surrounding the Georges River to make way for more housing. 


Like many older houses in the area, this property is being demolished to make way for a new block of apartments.

To call this house 'lived in' would be a bit of an understatement. Not only had the property undergone several iterations of renovations (such as the plastic and styrofoam veneer covering the dwellings exterior walls, the metal sheeting covering asbestos 'super six' roofing or the extension on the back yard shed) there were also some truly bizarre custom additions to the property.

Large rails, most likely recycled from train tracks, were scattered round the lawn, protruding upright. While some where fairly short, one in the back corner of the property was well over two meters tall!

Judging by the large antenna resting by the fence and the impressive collection of HAM radios in the shed  we can only assume that these huge metal columns were used to amplify the HAM radio signals. Talk about an involved hobby!