Lane Cove, unlike many of it’s neighbouring suburbs to the north west like Chatswood, Roseville and Macquarie park has almost exclusively been used for residential properties since early European settlement, in fact, very few commercial properties exist in Lane Cove at all. Considering that industrially zoned regions often lead to housing developments which usually represent more modern homes generally built within the past 50 years or so it is to be assumed that properties in Lane Cove have a pretty good chance of being old enough to predate the use of asbestos.


This particular house however underwent some rather extensive renovations during the the early 1970s and fell victim to the most popular building material of the time - Hardiflex. The majority of this structures internals appeared at first to contain little to no asbestos with only a few fragments showing in usual places underneath the house where trades people of the last renovations tossed small cut off sections of the fibre cement board. Small offcuts of Hardiflex is generally indicative that the product was used within the house somewhere, at first it was found behind regular plasterboard within the internal structural walls and once the contaminated walls were isolated and remediated the demolition continued only to find further amounts of asbestos beneath the slabs laid within the wet areas of the home, bathroom, laundry and kitchen. The large pieces of concrete had been laid on top of corrugated iron directly onto the wooden frame and were layered with left over rubble, stones, foam and of course - asbestos. In this rather unfortunate and unforeseeable situation, the entirety of the cement must be treated as contaminated and therefor handled and disposed of in accordance with federal regulation.

Additional costs incurred from such discoveries vary greatly depending on the amount of material found but almost always cause delays of around 1-2 days as demolition must cease immediately until the affected waste is removed and given clearance. If you’re considering demolition, it may be almost impossible to foresee such obstructions to the demolition process but we do encourage you to raise any concerns regarding asbestos with The Home Demolitions team to make sure that we are able to provide the most accurate quote possible.