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At Home Demolitions not only do we specialise in residential demolitions, we specialise in taking the weight off you! That's why we handle everything - from paperwork, to preliminary site works, to the actual demolition- so you can sit back, relax and think about your brand new dream home!

Home Demolitions is one of the only demolition companies in Sydney to offer comprehensive site benching and levelling services, providing your builder with a perfectly level site to lay their slab on. This eliminates the need for a third party excavator and means you can get building quicker.

By entering your details you are eligible for our monthly demolitions special which includes:

  • Up to 5% off the cost of your demolition.

  • Free Site Safe work method statements and Risk hazards Reports, OH&S.

  • Demolition Permits to Work Cover.

  • Asbestos clearance certificate.

  • Branch sewer line removal.

  • Temporary site fencing (up to 30 meters).

  • Electricity disconnection from above ground power.

  • Water meter capping.

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