house demolition

With over 20 years of industry leadership, Home Demolitions are able to offer a variety of demolition and development solutions to accommodate any budget or timeframe.

The scope of our services range from traditional demolition and remediation all the way through to complete one piece structure removal and abatement.

Home Demolitions utilises only the best resources, equipment and machinery for all contracted sites regardless of size and guarantees that your land will be certified for construction within the predicted timeframe. 

We facilitate and include the cost of all processes known to be involved in demolition within our quotations including but not limited to:

Read more about each process below or request a quote to find out what process we think will work for you.

The means, process and cost of demolition of any building is subject to;

  • The location,

  • Local council codes and regulations,

  • The size and composition of the structure and presence of hazardous materials.

  • External business and third party involvement such as waste disposal, specially licensed contractors or equipment and private certifier fees and charges are also vulnerable to fluctuations and variations.