Asbestos Removal Demolition

A number of different toxic and potentially dangerous building materials can be hiding in the family home. Although these materials aren’t usually a problem if the house is well maintained, they do become an issue when it comes time to renovate or demolish, or if the house falls into disrepair.

Common hazardous materials include: 

  • Moulds, particularly toxic black mould
  • CCA pressure treated wood
  • Asbestos found in insulation and asbestos fibre boards
  • Lead found in paint and piping
  • Synthetic fibre minerals found in insulation products

Although all of these materials can pose a serious risk to health and need to be disposed of properly and professionally, asbestos and lead are some of the most common and toxic. 

Before it became associated with health problems such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, asbestos was widely used as a building material. As a result, most Australian homes built before 1990 will contain some asbestos based products.

Lead was also extensively used as an additive in paint, and like asbestos, it has been linked to serious negative health effects. Large amounts of lead in paint were legal up until 1997, so any home built in 1997 or earlier is likely to contain some lead based paint. 

Home Demolitions have extensive experience removing and safety disposing of these hazardous materials that might be lurking in your home. We are fully licensed and trained to remove asbestos and lead products.


Asbestos Demolition

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