Located about 20 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD - Ermington, much like its surrounding suburbs of Ryde, Rydalmere and Silverwater is part of The State electorate of Parramatta. In a fashion not dissimilar to the neighbouring areas within the Marsfield locale, Ermington was originally settled by Europeans and used as agricultural and grazing land up until the end of the second World War which saw an explosion of of both residential and industrial development.


Some land was even utilised by The Australian Defence force for resource storage and training. As a more desirable suburb of The greater West given it’s proximity to The Parramatta River, Ermington has seen steady increases in the modern housing market which is generally attributed to the Australian housing boom trending from early 2000 which has seen perpetual growth to both land prices and the general population of the area.

With much interest and a limited amount of land, the process of demolition and rebuilding has become a very popular option for many young families and first time property buyers. This particular house was one of the last original freestanding structures to remain on this particular street with the vast majority of other homes having been razed to make way for small complexes and town villas. As a house made of wood and fibreboard, the entirety of demolition was quite expeditious - taking only two days from start to finish.