The tiny suburb of East Killara on Sydney's Upper North Shore is often over shadowed by it's larger neighbours like St Ives and Forestville but rest assured, there's always something exciting going on in this three square kilometre section of the city. Example below.

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As seen in the picture below, this particular property was recently described by local agents whilst up for sale as a classical modernist home, although, given it's age and layout, some may speculate that this design would more typically fall into what is referred to as Postmodern or given it's location even be classified as an example of early Australian Urbanism.


Regardless of what you call the architectural style, the reality was that this property was no longer sound given its construction on an extremely steep gradient. Over the years with slowly weakening soil and structural footings, the property was finally deemed no longer viable to continue repairing to keep liveable. With no struggle for a tracked excavator (a little for a truck) Home Demolitions was able to traverse the steep embankment and get to work bringing the rickety old timber frame down in no time at all.