Officially declared a suburb in 2007, the region of Dundas Valley started out as prime agricultural land first privately granted in 1791 to Australia’s earliest settlers. By the 1950’s, expanding infrastructure and business in the surrounding areas of Parramatta, Ermington, Baulkham Hills and Carlingford often known as “The Ponds” saw a mass development of community housing to accommodate it’s increasing population.


Not dissimilar to this past growth and need for housing, Dundas Valley is today once again much sort after given it’s close proximity to Parramatta, Sydney’s second CBD. With many older style homes in the area and little vacant land, one of the most cost effective means of development within the area is demolition and new construction with modern materials and techniques. This particular property was set on a large block of uneven land across multiple levels which dramatically decreased its value as much of the accessible space went unutilised due to a complex series of ramps and stairs within the building to connect the various sections. The end goal of this operation is to completely level the land to enable development on a flat modern and useful site.