Often referred to as “The Parkland” suburb of Sydney, this particular area of The Canada Bay region offers some of the cities densest heritage streets contrasting it’s sprawling expanses of designated fields and nature reserves.


Concord, much like Strathfield, Burwood, Croydon and Homebush has seen a steady increase in housing prices over the past decade with increased demand brought by rising populations which has seen many homeowners decide to demolish existing houses in order to obtain a clean and level property on which to build their dream home. This particular structure, although on a comparatively large block of land was located on a very narrow street making access quite difficult “but not impossible” for salvage before deconstruction begins. To add to the challenge, each neighbouring property and one adjacent the street were undergoing renovations and construction work making navigation of the single width lane a delicate operation with multiple trucks and machinery carefully working around each other. One interesting find whilst removing some windows that were installed during a 1989 renovation was a local newspaper with advertisements from Marrickville Metro touting 3 avocados for just 99cents!