Few people have ever heard of Chiswick, it's a small suburb of Sydney nestled on the waters edge of The Parramatta River approximately 5 minutes North of Five Dock.


Like many Sydney suburbs prior to the initial housing boom in the early 2000s, Chiswick was often overlooked as a site for investment given the inadequate infrastructure required to efficiently commute to business areas on a daily basis. Fast forward a couple of decades and the area is still only home to less than 3000 individuals, however, development is on the rise with the majority of original housing from the 60s being razed in lieu of multi story family homes and apartment blocks.

This particular property was extensively renovated a couple of years back by the previous owner prior to sale. Whilst initially boosting the value of the homes exterior aesthetics, the unfortunate ongoing results of the modernisation are apparent during the demolition. This home is a typical example of contractors cutting corners and attempting to avoid costly asbestos tipping fees by concealing old fibreboard within the soil and ultimately covered by tonnes of concrete; at the time, it may seem like the perfect crime, given that the chances of it being discovered within the same decade are slim to none, but it does happen.

Usually, you can assume to find waste asbestos hidden behind renovations usually from at least 25 years ago and so this instance was quite unexpected, but given the sheer volume of hazardous material broken into tiny fragments its obvious why it was buried for someone in the future to deal with. Whilst being a minor setback to the time frame of the demolition, it is deffinetly worth the piece of mind knowing that your family's home is a safe and clean environment.