It’s not uncommon for a commercial property lease to contain clauses pertaining to demolition, usually these conditions stipulate that the property owner has right to give notice to the tenant that major renovations or demolition is to take place which will effectively end their contract. The clause is beneficial to both parties as it informs tenants prior to signing a lease that the contract may be ended prior to the proposed time frame which ultimately allows provisions for the tenant to find a suitable property in which to move but it also gives freedom to the property owner allowing for demolition/construction as soon as complying development approval is granted, rather than having to wait until the end of the current lease which could be several years.


Residential property leases in NSW rarely ever contain such chapters, which can make organisation and time allotment a challenging chore unless you have magically planned the development to begin somewhere around the current lease end date, your current tenants are on a month by month basis or you can simply afford to leave a property vacant until you’re ready to commence demolition. 

In the case of this property located in Carlingford NSW, a suburb located at the upper region of Parramatta in Sydney’s Grater Western Suburbs, the tenants were on a month by month contract and were given a notice to vacate the property under the proviso that demolition was to commence within the near future. The current tenants were ecstatic with the idea that the property was marked for demolition (knowing that there would be no need to have the house cleaned to ensure receiving their bond deposit back) promptly asking the owner if it would be permissible to maybe “make a few holes in the walls” for both easement of furniture removal but mostly just for fun. Seeing no harm in the idea, the owner agreed to the tenants requests and left them to proceed with their move, wishing them the best for the future. 

Upon a finale inspection by Home Demolitions prior to the asbestos removal process to commence, the state of property was now a concern, the previous tenants had broken the majority of the walls, ceiling and various fittings all of which were found to contain asbestos, this was not only a concern for the individuals responsible but also the neighbouring properties and asbestos removal crew. Further to the more elaborate and thus costly removal and remediation process, many of the windows, doors and fittings which had been marked for salvage and recycling (and calculated in the total cost of demolition as deductions given their value) were also destroyed, once again altering the expected processes and timeframe for the job. Fortunately for the owner, the total time of the site to be completed and given a clearance certificate only took 1 day longer than anticipated and resulted in only a slight variation to the original estimate, which given the dramatic alterations to the job at hand is almost miraculous and gives great credit to the flexibility, resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Home Demolitions Team.