Burwood mixes family friendly living with the convenience of being just a short drive or train ride from the Sydney CBD.

Once people move to Burwood, they tend to stay there, and for this reason the suburb is a mix of young professionals, families and elderly couples. Throw in great local amenities, cafe’s and restaurants and it is not at all surprising to hear that housing in Burwood is in high demand. 


As far as housing is concerned, Burwood is a mixed bag, with a older homes standing side by side with new apartment blocks. Streets such as Appian Way showcase the class of Burwood’s older dwellings and feature a selection of beautifully restored federation homes. 

Unfortunately, not all of Burwood’s older housing supply is in such good condition and many homeowners choose to go for demolition over renovation. This featured property is one such example.

With the house in disrepair and a generously sized front and backyard, it really was the perfect candidate for a knockdown rebuild.

Due to the house’s close proximity to the border fence it called for careful and precise demolition techniques to prevent damage to the fence and to ensure no debris fell  into the neighbour’s yard.