The most demolished house - EVER

Recognise this image? Well, chances are that you've seen it quite a few times already. Maybe not this  exact  photo; as this is Home Demolitions' attempt to photoshop the excavator demolishing the house out of the image.

Recognise this image? Well, chances are that you've seen it quite a few times already. Maybe not this exact photo; as this is Home Demolitions' attempt to photoshop the excavator demolishing the house out of the image.

The original in all it's glory.

The original in all it's glory.

This particular photograph is the graphic representation of over 85 companies around the world, 5 of which are located here in Sydney! So, why is it just so darn popular? Well, obviously it depicts a house being demolished and the machinery being used has no branding or business affiliation, so basically anyone can say "yup, thats me" but this is also a clue as to the actual origins of this picture. 

Just a couple thousand websites hosting the image as their own.

Theres actually quite a few things that are a little bit unusual going on in the scene, as mentioned above, the excavator has no branding or corporate decals, this is usually one of the first things a business will do with their equipment, heck, If you're going to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars, it may as well look cool right! Further more, the house itself is certainly no typical rendition of an Australian home, nor is it American, in fact, if anything, it looks quite European. The other major anomaly is the fact that the building is being demolished with roofing tiles still in place (this makes grading the waste materials far more difficult as they will now be mixed in with timber and other resources) lest we not even take notice of the perfectly salvageable windows left in place. 

Now available for purchase on  Shutterstock

Now available for purchase on Shutterstock

But what does it all mean? One very probably interpretation would suggest that the demolition of the house in the image was either done with little or no planning, possibly even against the will of the owner. It is also unlikely to see state or council owned machinery and equipment be decorated with insignia and branding. So is this a case of local authorities demolishing a house without consent? Possibly.

Hon Hon Hon - Démolition experte, naufrage baguette!!!

Hon Hon Hon - Démolition experte, naufrage baguette!!!

The earliest listed version (also the largest and least edited) appears on a German news and media website in an article pertaining to developers deviating from approved plans, citing that the image itself depicts the demolition of four 2 storey townhouses which were constructed under the guise of approval for one single storey home. The Niedersächsische Oberverwaltungsgericht "German High Court" deemed the structures illegal and ordered their destruction at cost to the developer. A specific address and details of the builder are mentioned in some of the ensuing court documents, however our understanding of the German language isn't really up to speed and thus deciphering the information has been difficult. If anyone reading this Sprechen Sie Deutsch, feel free to peruse some articles here - and let us know what it all means!





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Sydney Harbour Bridge: Asbestos Alert

The dawning of the Atomic Age following World War Two saw most of the western world enjoying a level of prosperity and care free lifestyles like no other .

In fact, 1950s Australia was great; Petrol was cheap, Hawaiian shirts were in fashion and asbestos was rampant. Asbestos, as with most miracle products of bygone years (radium salts, lead paint, cigarettes) was hailed for its seemingly revolutionary approach to building and construction, offering lighter weights, greater structural integrity and having superior insulating and fire retarding properties.

Soon, almost every house, school, hospital and business was being constructed out of the versatile asbestos cement board championed by multinationals like James Hardie and CSR.

With little surprise, asbestos managed to make its way into some of Sydney's most recognisable buildings and infrastructure. Previously, the Opera House was found to contain loose fill Asbestos based insulation (among many other things) and now it's The Sydney Harbour Bridge's turn to show us what it's made of. 

According to acting Roads Minister Duncan Gay, ongoing maintenance work by Roads and Maritime Services NSW revealed an undisclosed amount of asbestos was discovered at the northern point of the iconic landmark earlier this February. In a statement released this week, Mr Gay reported that

“While it is not uncommon for asbestos to be found during infrastructure work, I would expect better procedures and guidelines to be in place for the escalation of findings, I have asked the agency to carry out a full investigation into this incident. This will include monitoring where excess material from the site was taken and how it was remediated.”

Sydney Asbestos

These findings are only further evidence of this potentially deadly substances prevalence in Australia, if 300,000 people can cross The Sydney Harbour Bridge each day and be completely oblivious to the structures materials and their potential health risks, just imagine what is lurking in the ordinary Australian home.