The Ghost Town of Wittenoom

The Ghost Town of Wittenoom

Wittenoom is a ghost town, located 1425 km North of Perth in Western Australia via Newman. It is 460 m above sea level.

It has become famous for being a ghost town as it was removed from the Western Australia maps in 2007 and legislation was introduced to forcibly remove the last three residents in 2015.

Oh the irony: Asbestos of the week

In what is seemingly the least responsible manoeuvre that could be performed in a modern age of understanding asbestos and it's associated risks; A local man from the Northern coast of NSW has been issued a relatively small fine for crushing asbestos containing cement and repurposing it as aggregate for a new cement driveway.

Renovators Nightmare: Dundas Valley 2117

Has anybody ever designed, constructed or renovated a house with future context to ease of demolition in mind? Doubtful. This particular property located in Parramatta's Dundas Valley was built sometime during the early 1960s with subsequent additions and remodelling happening approximately every decade up until the 1990s