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Multi-million Dollar Fines for Asbestos Abusers.

If you’re considering a major renovation to your old home, or undertaking a complete knockdown rebuild, you will want to consider any asbestos or asbestos contaminated area very carefully. While the legal handling and removal of asbestos does present significant extra costs to your project, any attempt to move or dispose of asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials illegally will see NSW dumpers hit with massively increased fines after changes recently made to NSW government laws.

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5 reasons the knockdown rebuild of your home smashes the alternatives.

Many homeowners, faced with changing life circumstances, find themselves up against the problem of their house just not being the right fit anymore. Whether to remedy the situation with a move, a renovation or a complete knockdown rebuild (KDR), can be a confusing choice for homeowners. After all, no one wants to make a mistake with their biggest asset. That’s why, here at Home Demolitions, we want to share with you the top five reasons why we believe the knockdown rebuild smashes the alternatives.

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Wildlife in the roof when demolishing a house. 

Recently in Sydney suburbs such as Ryde, Gladesville, Denistone, Eastwood and surrounding areas, Home Demolitions has found some wildlife lurking in places that often get overlooked. Be it possums, snakes or even bats, we strive to make sure wildlife gets a chance to leave before demolition begins. In the event the wildlife doesn’t leave, we always contact the appropriate wildlife services so animals can be safely removed.

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