The Dangers that Lurk Beneath

Buried asbestos and the impact on your demolition project

Here at home demolition we do all we can to provide an accurate and near final price when we quote but unfortunately unforeseen dangers can lie hidden underneath your home prevent us from providing you a fixed price quote for any demolition project.

Safety standards have not always been as robust as they are today as the dangers of asbestos and other materials were less known so when handled with less care. Although protected while a house is untouched; Incorrectly disposed of asbestos left as infill under the concrete foundation of a home can present a hurdle during the demolition. As we will meet all safety standards leaving your property with clean soil so all asbestos has to be removed and disposed of according to procedure.

The cost of labour safety precautions and the proper safe disposal of contaminated materials all add up as they only become apparent and necessary towards the end of the demotion works. As we can not provide a fixed quote and as these costs can not be known up front and unfortunately can add on to your final price.

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