Demolition Videos - Home demolitions Sydney NSW

A collection of shots from some recently completed projects showcasing diferent aspects of demolition.

A smaller scale project bring down an old brick chimney after the main wooden structure had been taken down by hand to ensure the integrity of the surrounding houses in a close nit terranced row in the inner west.

Drone footage provided by a the bulder of this project Artico Homes showcases the teardown of a wood and (gyprock/fibro) ?? by one of our larger machines made possible by the more spread out space afforded by the concord locale.

in both cases you can see both a machine operator and 1 or 2 spotter worjing on concert to ensure the safety of all those involed and that any debris only goes where its safe, where we want it.

An important early step in the demolition process is the removal of tiles or other roofing materials both for safety during the main home demolition and to allow for easier and better recycling of materials from the old structure.

Removal of tiles from roof of house prior to demolition.

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