Silicosis and you

There are many safety concerns when it comes to demolitions and construction, from the ones you can see to the ones you can't.

It can be easy to account for overhead power lines, the dangers of rubble, even asbestos can be easily identified and then treated with the care it needs by those such as ourselves who are qualified and certified to do so, but silicosis can be an invisible killer. 


Caused by silica particles 100 times smaller than a grain of sand you can be breathing it without even realising. The cutting crushing or otherwise disturbing of silica containing materials in particular those containing quartz such as concrete, bricks, sandstone, and  granite can release microparticles into the air.

Once these particles reach your lungs they can cause scarring in the lungs leading to many respiratory difficulties including lung cancer with symptoms presenting within 10 years.

Many precautions ( can be taken to prevent this from simply wearing a mask while on site to hosing down all debris and rubble before loading onto trucks for safe transport. 

Silicosis has been in the news recently often being described as the new asbestos but it has been around and identified for just as long.

Here at Home Demolitions we are just as aware of the problems silica dust causes and the ways to mitigate them as we are for asbestos so when on site all materials are handled and treated with the care and eye to safety that they require by our qualified staff.

When you demolish with us we investigate and plan individually for every site so that risks such as those posed by silica dust are mitigated with safety plan in place

Shane FlorioComment