How much will it cost to demolish your house in Sydney 2019? Great Question!

If you want to achieve the results of your dream home with a remodel or renovation, you may find that your current house requires demolishing.

For instance, it's most likely that you're trying to get a rough idea on the cost of demolishing your existing house "presumably to build a new one" because let's face it, there's a whole heap of varied information across the internet but not a lot of definitive answers.

The average cost of demolishing your house in Sydney 2019 can cost you anywhere from the lower end of the spectrum between $15,000 to $20,000. However, larger jobs can cost upwards of 40,000 to $80,000.

Although, these are the extremes of either end, thus your average Sydney 3 bedroom home in 2019, you will be looking at around $15,000 to $20,000. 

Furthermore, the average cost of demolishing a house in Sydney in the last 12 months was around $17,400. In addition, the cost of demolishing any structure is subject to a multitude of variables which can dramatically dictate the total cost of the project.

Home Demolitions are professionals that will remove all unwanted or at times, unsafe elements. They will salvage, recycle or dispose of the debris before constructing the goal of your project.

The cost of house demolition varies greatly between homes since each one has a different setup and construction. Below, you will learn about some of the factors that determine the cost of this service.

What Factors Determine Demolition Costs?

For example, please consider the following variables when deciding to demolish your house;

  1. House size and property

  2. Location & Site access

  3. Asbestos-contaminated materials

  4. Type of building materials such as; Timber, Concrete, and bricks

  5. The gradient of the property & Foundation Removal

  6. The existence of established trees or plants

  7. The placement of essential services like water, gas, and electricity

  8. The properties proximity to the nearest recycling or disposal facility.

Keep in mind that all these above variables will change the outcome of the price.

  • House Size And Property  

The house size and property place a massive factor in determining the demolition cost, simply because of the number of building materials that will need to be demolished and disposed of.

Time places a big factor as knocking down a smaller house takes less time and manpower as to knocking down a larger house.

The property size will affect the overall cost as a house that is 92.903 square meters will cost less than a size of 278.7091 square meters.

  • Location & Site Access

The location of where the house and property are situated can add or subtract from the overall cost due to a number of factors.

For example, site access can determine whether or not your property will be easily accessible for heavy machinery and clearing out the building debris.

Without easy site access, it costs more time and money to be able to complete the project.

The location of your house in terms of proximity to recycling plants will also cost you money.

  • Asbestos-Contaminated Materials

The average cost of demolishing a house with unwanted asbestos will cost you anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000. However once again the price will change with the variables on every house.

For example, asbestos contaminated materials are not only more labor intensive to remove, requiring the employment of trained professionals but also costs approximately 3 times as much to safely dispose of in contrast to other materials like concrete or timber.

  • Type of building materials such as; Timber, Concrete, and bricks

Houses are made up of many different types of materials that will again determine the overall cost of demolishing your house.

For instance, all the building materials that make up the house have to be sorted into manageable bins ready for either recycling, salvaging or disposing of. Every material has to be easily managed and sorted accordingly if your house has any of the following; bricks, concrete, timber, rubbish, insulation, sandstone, asbestos etc

  • The gradient of the property & Foundation Removal

The gradient of the property of your house affects your demolition cost. For instance, a sloping block is going to cost more than a flat block.

A sloping block will always require an excavator and is usually always hard to access.

If the block is on a steep gradient depending on every house will have extra foundation work to make the house more level, which means more materials to dispose of.

  • The existence of established trees or plants

It’s not uncommon for the existence of established trees or plants to raise the cost for you to demolish your house.

How Much Is a Demolition Permit & What Is it?

Generally speaking, before you can start the demolition process you will need to purchase and obtain a council approved demolition Permit. The cost of a demolition permit is around $350 and is usually included as part of your demolition service.

If you’re planning to demolish your house don’t forget there will be some paperwork and planning approvals that will be required from your local council.

What You Will Need To Provide To Obtain Your Permit From Your Local Council?

Copies of your site plans, specifying the areas and materials that will be demolished

photos of the structure you want to demolish

a copy of your Title Certificate of Title for the land

your demolisher’s name, registration and insurance details

a copy of your public liability insurance policy

detailed plans for protection of the public and adjoining properties

a detailed description of the demolition process

a detailed description of the waste disposal procedure

details about any other demolition work (if it has been carried out recently)

Then, you’ll need to make sure there are no heritage restrictions on demolition or tree removal.

Keep in mind you may have other permits you may have to obtain depending on your local council, city or stat

You may be a couple years off beginning your new development, heck - you may not even have purchased a house yet but it's always better off knowing what you're getting yourself into because let's face it, you cant build your dream home until you remove the existing structures from your land.