Do I need to empty my house before demolition?

When demolishing a home often many household items are found left behind. This can be due to many factors be it renters leaving things behind, home owners looking to leave behind old items and start over, items being over looked or even items that are hidden away in cavities such as roofs, under houses or sometimes buried.

Whilst it is not essential to completely empty a house before demolition there are associated costs involved with clearing away extra materials before demolition can begin in earnest. This is due to several factors.

An assortment of random household waste left behind

An assortment of random household waste left behind


Building materials must be separated when demolition is under way, meaning that;

  • roof tiles,

  • wood,

  • cement,

  • bricks and hazardous materials such as:

  • asbestos,

  • fuels,

  • oils,

  • batteries,

  • LPG/gas cylinders,

  • fire extinguishers and paints must be segregated into separate piles.

    They should be taken to their appropriate recycling or resource management centres. Adding in random household items complicates this process.

Paints are often found during the inspection process.

Paints are often found during the inspection process.

Items such as tyres and asbestos require that we track any shipments through the EPA’s app for waste management adding on extra administrative costs.

Mattresses are charged individually by waste management centres and food waste or biodegradable waste must be sorted through as well.


Extra household items being present will add to the cost of the demolition due to the extra time it takes to sort through the waste, the extra labour costs involved, extra trips to the waste management centre for the trucks and extra bins required to keep the waste separated. 

Having said all of this we at Home Demolitions are happy to help with any household items that are left behind, just let us know at the time of tender!