How Can I Speed Up My Demolition?

Quite often, when planning a building project, demolition can be an afterthought, or even left to the last minute. For a lot of people demolition is seen as an arbitrary box to check off rather than an important part of any new building project.

The reality is that a well planned and executed house demolition carried out by an experienced demolition contractor is a huge benefit to any building project, whether it be your new dream home or something a little bigger. And, if you needed your home demolished yesterday, don't worry, a well executed demolition doesn't have to put you behind schedule!

Read on to find out just some of the ways Home Demolitions Sydney can help to get your demolition job done in record time.

Although we always have a lot of jobs going on at once, these demolition projects are usually all at various stages of progress - i.e. some are ready for demolition to commence while others are still waiting on development approval from council.

This means that if your paper work is done and you have development approval we can prioritise your demolition job. Depending on the size and what the dwelling is made out of, we can have the property demolished and ready to build on in a week. For example, we can demolish a small wooden shack in a couple of hours. A larger brick home will generally take our team a couple of days.

What is time? Why is time?

What is time? Why is time?

As well as regular scheduled demolition we can also perform emergency demolition works, and have done so for a variety of big jobs such as Katoomba RSL.

Finally, as well as speeding up your demolition we can also speed up the building of your new dwelling, assuming you are going the knockdown rebuild route. Our demolition and excavation services mean we can level and bench the site to your builder's specifications allowing the slab to go down quicker and the building to begin. 

If you are interested and want to find out more about our fast tracked demolition please don't hesitate to drop us a line! 

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Don’t get weighed down by the Time or Cost it takes to demolish your old home.

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