So You Want To Demolish A House Part Two: Development Approval And Service Disconnection

For the uninitiated, demolishing a house can be a daunting task. There are countless factors that can effect the time and cost of your demolition job, lots of paper work to sign and then there’s the actual structural demolition!

To make the whole process a little less daunting we have put together a series of blogs called 'So you want to demolish a house'. Each instalment will walk you step-by-step through the process of demolishing - from getting a quote to the actual demolition.


In our first instalment we talked all about getting a demolition quote, and the sort of factors that will effect the price of your demo job. This time we are taking a look at what comes next after you have decided on a demolisher and signed your quote. 

Under the NSW Planning and Environmental Assessment Act the demolition of pretty much any structure counts as development. This means that approval is required before your demolisher can get started. 

This approval can be obtained in one of two ways:

The first, is by applying for Development Approval (known as DA) from council. This involves applying directly to your local council. It is worth noting that each council has its own requirements when it comes to applying for a DA so it pays to do your research.

You must obtain approval either via a DA or CDC before demolition can begin.

You must obtain approval either via a DA or CDC before demolition can begin.

The second option is by organising a Complying Development Certificate (known as a CDC) which can be arranged by your contracted demolition company. In this scenario a third party certifier sends your application to council. Since CDC is a set requirement across all of NSW the requirements are always the same, regardless of what council your property is in. 

Generally speaking the CDC process takes 21 days in total: two weeks while the application sits with council followed by an additional seven day waiting period. 

During this time you are required to hand out letters to neighbouring properties informing them that demolition work will be taking place. These letters must be distributed at least seven days before demolition begins.

In addition to approval from council, all services must be disconnected from the property prior to demolition. This includes electricity, water, gas and NBN access if the property has it. If you pick Home Demolitions as your demolition contractor we can organise electricity, water and NBN disconnection for you. 

Before the excavators come rolling in make sure all your ammenities have been disconnected!

Before the excavators come rolling in make sure all your ammenities have been disconnected!

A final thing to consider is whether the property has any air conditioning units. If it does the units must be professionally degassed before demolition can begin. Air conditioning units contain either R22 or R4 gas, and both are harmful to the environment. Under the Ozone protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act of 1989 it is illegal to discharge these gases into the environment and harsh fines apply for doing so. 

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