So You Want To Demolish A House Part One: The Quote

For the uninitiated, demolishing a house can be a daunting task. There are countless factors that can affect the time and cost of your demolition job, lots of paper work to sign and then there’s the actual structural demolition. 

Plus, if you are demolishing with the intention of rebuilding you have to think about all this while liaising with a builder and planning your new dream home!

Life's big questions: Where did we come from? Why are we here? How much will it cost to demolish my home?

Life's big questions: Where did we come from? Why are we here? How much will it cost to demolish my home?

So, to make the process a little less daunting we thought we would walk you through every step of the demolition process with a series of blogs. This first instalment takes a look at the first stop on your demolition journey: the quote.

Like we mentioned above, every demolition job is made up of a handful of variable factors. Factors like the slope of the land, the materials the house is made of, the location of the property, site access and the presence/amount of asbestos all affect the total cost of your demolition job. For this reason it would be impossible for us to provide an accurate quote over the phone; in order to do that we need to physically inspect the property. 

Sure, it might not be rocket science, but providing an accurate quote is more complicated than you might think!

Sure, it might not be rocket science, but providing an accurate quote is more complicated than you might think!

Once you have filled out a demolition quote request, which will ask for some basic information about the property, we will contact you to arrange a time for our assessor to view the property destined for demolition. 

When visiting the site our assessor will also be able to establish whether additional services are required, including:

Asbestos removal: One of the most common services required when demolishing a house is the removal of asbestos. In order to be removed safely, asbestos containing products, like asbestos fibre cement sheeting, must be removed by hand and wrapped in plastic before being safely and legally disposed of. 

Tree lopping: Sometimes a demolition job will also require that trees and shrubbery are removed. Depending on the size and location of the tree this can be fairly straightforward or more complex, requiring specialised rigging and machinery.

Pool Removal: In addition to demolishing houses, we also have extensive experience removing unwanted pools. Once the cement and tiling is removed we can fill the empty pool site and ensure the filled land is compact enough to build on. 

Pool removal

Disconnection of ammenities: We can organise service disconnection for all the ammenities currently connected to the house. This includes water, gas, electricity, access to the NBN as well as degassing any air conditioner units in the property.   

Site Benching/ Levelling: In addition to demolition services if you are planning on rebuilding we can level and slope the land to your builder’s specifications. This eliminates the need for a third party excavator and means your builder can get to work even quicker. Just ask us and we can add the cost of site benching to your demolition quote!

As you can see there is more to a demolition quote than what you might think, but don’t worry, one of our experienced assessors will talk you through the process to ensure you get a competitive quote that includes all the services you require.

If you have any questions about the quoting process please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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