Demolition and the NBN

So, you're one of the lucky ones that has access to the NBN. You can get your cat videos extra fast, downloads done in a jiffy and dominate at online games without risk of lag. But what happens when it is time to demolish your NBN enabled property?


This may seem like a pretty straightforward question, but given the ongoing issues with the NBN it is not overly surprising that the answer to the question is fairly hard to come by. Even the offical NBN website has little to say on the topic. 

But fear not! Us folks here at Home Demolitions have had experience organising NBN disconnection for the purposes of demolition and are here to guide you through the process. 

The first, and possibly most important, thing to remember is that any devices that were installed in the property to enable NBN access remain the property of NBN Co.

NBN co is the government corporation set up to design, build, roll-out and operate the NBN.

Brb, just demolishing the interwebs.

Brb, just demolishing the interwebs.

The Network Termination Device (also known as the NTD or the NBN connection box) and a power supply would have been installed when the NBN was first enabled at the property and must be removed by NBN Co for demolition can commence.

The NTD and power supply are mounted to a wall inside the house. The NTD is a small white device that resembles a modem or router while the power supply is the larger white device with two blue buttons (see image below).

NBN Battery.jpg

The NBN lead in cabling, which connects the NTD in the house to the node on the street,  must also be disconnected before demolition begins.. This cabling can be disconnected by a third party cabling provider authorised by the NBN.

If this still sounds confusing, don’t worry, if you choose Home Demolitions for your demolition project we can handle the NBN disconnection for you as part of our utility disconnection service

Although we obviously can’t remove any of the NBN provided infrastructure, we can liaise with NBN Co on your behalf, streamlining the process and saving you the hassle of having to organise disconnection yourself.  

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