Asbestos Cladded Fibro Homes: The demolition process.



Depending on the particular style of your home, whether it be double brick, vener, timber or a fibro shack - certain preliminary site works will need to be undertaken to ensure efficiency and safety throughout the duration of the demolition process. 
At the top of this to do list comes the removal of any asbestos containing elements or fittings of the house, commonly Australian homes built from 1940 through to 1990 will contain asbestos products within area most susceptible to prolonged exposure to moisture or heat "think of wet area splash backs and fireplaces or stove surrounds" whilst some homes have been renovated to conceal, contain or even hide these fibre board products, some simply display their past loud and proud, as is found in the essential Australian classic, fibro shack.

Fibro shed demolish

So, if any material that contains asbestos need to be removed prior to demolition, and the entire house is made out of fibro asbestos board, where does this leave you at the end of the day. Well, as seen from the images above and below, the answer is, not much!
Although painfully time consuming, there are no known alternatives to the process of carefully removing each panel individually, wrapping in a protective film and delicately placing each section in a skip for transport to a treatment facility. Whilst taking a little longer in prep work, the removal of remaining materials such as the timber frame and concrete slabs is generally pretty quick given that very little is in the way to stop the brute force of a 25 tonne excavator. 

fibro shack demolish