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So, you're looking to demolish a house with the sole intention of building a new one in it's place, or what is known to those in the industry as a knock down rebuild "abbreviated as KDR in some circles" but aren't sure where to start? It's more than understandable that many might find the process confusing and tiresome, given the complexity of the project and hey, it's not something people do everyday, in fact, it's something that few people will ever do in a lifetime -but don't let that stop you from having the home of your dreams.

Demolish Rebuild

Whilst there is a wealth of information and first hand experiences shared across various channels of the internet, the majority of these articles look at the process from a builders perspective with little regard for the course of demolition beforehand. Granted, the process of building a new house may seem more interesting and is thus more commonly discussed than the demolishing an old one but in reality, order of operations means that you simply cannot start building your new home until the old one comes down. 

Rebuild after Demolition

Interestingly enough, there are very few companies that actually provide a complete demolition and build package with most businesses focusing on one or the other, although it may seem logical and cost effective for a business to provide both services, the truth is that it's just too much to handle, with each stage off the project requiring a different set of permits, resources and skilled workers - the care and level of attention required to complete both tasks to perfection are better orchestrated from two seperate approaches. There is however a cross over of tasks that are somewhat universal and can be performed by either contractor, works such as excavation, benching, levelling and importing or exporting fill from the block can be actioned by either the builder or demolisher (there are even companies that specialise solely in excavation if you should so wish to employ additional contractors) and so it definitely pays to check provisions within the scope of works from all parties to your project to ensure that 1) you're not paying for the same service twice 2) you're getting the most competitive rate possible. 

Demolish to build new

You may be thinking "how complex can it really be to demolish a house?" and the straight answer is, not too complex, but it is an art that takes many years of practice to get right. Whilst the average consumer may not be entirely fussed about the particulate size of matter left on site, the gradient of the land or the depth to which a tree stump has been ground, the builder that you've engaged certainly does and thus is imperative that the demolishers that you contract have a good understanding and working relationship with the builders of your new home. Remembering that most builders will simply stop work if any element of the site is not to their individual standards. The average cost of demolishing a structure is generally no more than 2% of the total build cost and with approvals to build new dwellings often times being much easier to obtain than that to demolish an existing one, maybe it's about time that we all start giving a little more attention to the demolition befor getting too carried away with the rebuild phase of development.



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