Emergency works: Katoomba RSL

Emergency Demolition

Ordinarily, the act of demolition is a well thought out and methodical process combining the planning and cooperation of contractors, local government and the community. These efforts are usually celebrated as a means to progress and future development of safer, cleaner and more efficient homes and businesses. Unfortunately, there are occasional times when demolition is required with very little notice, usually as a result of an unforeseen disaster which results in a structure posing a hazard for those within the vicinity. This particularly sad instance of demolition was in the wake of a fire which originated in the roof of The Katoomba RSL, the subsequent fire spread to much of the building before emergency services were able to control the blaze. Fortunately, no surrounding homes were damaged in the fire however, the combination of exposed asbestos and damaged structural beams meant that the remains of the popular community venue had to be remediated and razed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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With works continuing throughout the weekend to ensure community safety, Home Demolitions hopes to have the site cleared of public hazards prior to the end of the week. With a strong community backing and resourceful management, there is hope that The Katoomba RSL will be back to business in no time at all. 



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