Katoomba RSL; The heart of a community.

Katoomba RSL Fire Demolition

As mentioned previously, The Returned and Services League of Katoomba recently suffered from an unfortunate fire which caused the vast majority of the building to become irreparably damaged resulting in the need for Home Demolitions to promptly swing into action and alleviate the imminent dangers to the surrounding area created by both the unstable nature of the structure but also the contamination of deadly asbestos.

Katoomba Demolition RSL Fire

Following the emergency works, Home Demolitions was asked to stay around a little longer to assist with the waste removal and clearing efforts, to which we were more than happy to do, given that the majority of our equipment and resources were already on site. 
Now, Home Demolitions is no stranger to resource recovery and material salvage, in fact, it comprises a great portion of our job and remains the reason we are able to offer the most competitive prices in the demolition industry. Further to which, we are also very familiar with emergency works following natural disasters like fire, flooding and even cyclones but seldom do the two procedures go hand in hand, and never before have they occurred simultaneously.

Demolition Salvage, Katoomba RSL

According to staff, a great portion of memorabilia and sentimental objects were lost to the fire however, some items in less damaged quadrants of the building and those mounted externally such as plaques and trophys may be in a salvageable condition; and so all Home Demolitions staff were on the careful lookout to make sure that anything that could be returned was returned. 

Katoomba RSL Plaque Demolishing salvage

One particular plaque which had been cemented into an external brick wall proved quite challenging to remove and given that it was made of granite, there was no chance that any heavy machinery should be allowed near it during its removal. So, how was it removed? with a good old fashioned hammer and chisel with a whole lot of hard work!



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