Clean Up Australia Day 2017

Environmental Demolition Sydney

Clean up Australia Day is upon us once again, a common sight across many communities, schools and businesses every March, Clean up Australia Day is an annual event that will enter it's 27th year in 2017.  As the entire team at Home Demolitions are all very passionate about our environment both local and abroad, we have made a commitment to think globally & act locally this year. As a company we strive to innovate the demolition and construction industry by continuously devising and implementing new strategies to reduce both the amount of waste produced from man made structures but also the short and long term environmental impacts associated with development.
Home Demolitions has a strict reuse and recycle policy meaning that the vast majority of building materials in a typical home are reclaimed for future use, significantly reducing the need for further goods and materials to be manufactured.

clean demolition australia

Although going above and beyond our responsibilities as a company to ensure the environment and our community is conserved for future use, we as individuals also aspire to making sure that our beautiful land of Australia is treated with the respect and attention it deserves.  
Feel free to join us this Clean Up Australia Day and help do your part for the environment and our community. For more information please contact


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