Asbestos awareness month 2017 kicks off today!

Today marks the first day of National Asbestos Awareness month, an annual month long campaign to educate the Australian public on the dangers of asbestos and how to best manage any asbestos they might have in their home. 

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Australians have a reputation for punching above our weight on the world stage. Whether it be in sport, the creative arts or agriculture, it is not uncommon for Australia to be near the head of the pack. However, one area where we don’t want to be leading is in the amount of people suffering from asbestos related disease

That’s right, Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos related disease in the world. This is even more concerning when you remember that asbestos has been banned in Australia since 2003. In fact, rather than on the decline, the instance of asbestos related disease is actually on the increase in Australia. 

So, why is this happening? Well, even though most Australians are aware that asbestos is dangerous, individuals are still continuing to maintain or renovate their homes without realising they are exposing themselves to deadly asbestos fibres. Most at risk are home renovators and tradesmen. 

The theme of this year’s National Asbestos Awareness month is Renovating? Go Slow! Asbestos it’s a No Go, a catchy reminder of the importance of checking for asbestos before going ahead with home maintenance or a renovation project. 

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Throughout the month Asbestos Awareness Ambassadors, like renovation guru Cherie Barber, television presenter Don Burke, and actor John Jarratt, will be hitting social media, television and the airwaves to get this important message out. 

Additionally, local councils will be holding events, Blue Lamington drives will be held to raise money for the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute, and BETTY - the mobile asbestos education house - will be touring Tasmania. 

It is vital asbestos is only removed and disposed of by trained professionals.

It is vital asbestos is only removed and disposed of by trained professionals.

At Home Demolitions we regularly remove asbestos from homes all over Sydney. As a result we understand both the dangers and the importance of removing and disposing of it safely and are committed to helping to spread asbestos awareness and education.

For more information you can check out the offical National Asbestos Awareness month website.

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