Demolition Bees

There are many reasons to demolish a house; Maximising your properties value, the existing structure is no longer safe or to make way for new developments to just name a couple. As previously discussed, demolishing a house with tenants can bee tricky at times but what if the tenants have no legal lease agreement and refuse to leave - does this warrant demolishing a house? In this particular instance, a house located in Sydney's lower north shore suburb of Northbridge was inhabited by about twenty thousand squatters whom flat out refused to leave.
Fortunately for these bumbley little honey making insects, Home Demolitions had no intention of destroying their home and leaving them hive-less. As man kind is now staring to learn, bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem and without them, the world as we know it will pretty much come to an end.

Demolition of Bee House

The site had already been fenced, salvage and asbestos removal was ready to commence but the bees remained, few people were game to go anywhere near the swarm of ever increasingly angry yellow necked stingey doodles. Sure, extermination companies would be happy to come and well, terminate the bees but surely there is a better way? Knowing nothing of bees but assuming them to have some inherent value considering that an established hive sells for upwards of a couple hundred dollars. A couple of local bee keepers found on a local business directory all raised their hands when asked if they wanted to come and re-home this crazy bunch of pointy butt buzzers. It soon became a race to see who could get to the bees first to reap the sweet benefits of a perpetual honey making machine.

get rid of bees sydney

With the little buzzing picnic ruiners gone, procedures were able to continue as per normal. The house was prepped, demolished and the land was grazed to a nice clean and level lot for the building of a future dream home.

Dropping the base demolition