Well, that's one way around Development Approval,

In local new today from Bankstown comes an intriguing story first aired by Channel Nine's A Current Affair purporting that a Bringelly based demolition company somehow managed to demolish a property adjacent to the one actually scheduled for development. The sensational story alleges that one small misguided judgement resulted in the complete destruction of a residential structure. 

Is it 198, 200 or 202 Marion Street - confusing even for Dougie the pizza boy.

Is it 198, 200 or 202 Marion Street - confusing even for Dougie the pizza boy.

As hilarious as the story sounds, the reality of situation is incomprehensible by any staff member here at Home Demolitions given the sheer number of routine checks and activities which must be performed (by professional demolition contractors) prior to any demolition such as the disconnection of utilities and clearance of asbestos. Whilst only speculating based upon images reported by various news networks, the site does in fact appear to have been fenced off and prepared as per required by governing regulatory bodies. 

The proclaimed confusion resulting in this blunder stems from a mixup of mailbox numbers with what the local council recognises as number 198 Marion Street using the number 200 whilst the neighbouring property which is actually number 200 listing itself as number 202. 

One of those numbers looks a little newer than the other.

One of those numbers looks a little newer than the other.

Although seemingly straightforward as to what exactly has happened, anyone with a little experience in the demolition industry seems to support the notion that there may very well be something more to the story, well, at least according to Channel Nine's Facebook page.

demolition by nine

Local firearms merchant and title holder of 198 Marion Street for the past 15 years, Steve Ballas claims that he honestly believed that his address was number 200 despite local council records confirming that the ownership and issued rate notices have all been addressed to Mr Ballas at 198 Marion Street. So, is there actually a chance that a completely vacant property was demolished by accident via sheer mislabeling of street numbers? 

According to information published by RP Data, Steve Ballas is not only the owner of 198 Marion Street but up until late last year also held the titles of 200 & 202 Marion Street which begs anyone to wonder how he could possibly be confused about the address.
It's not all bad news for Mr Ballas though as he spoke optimistically to reporters about his future intentions for the property even stating “I guess that developers will come out of the woodwork and offer me money,”

Update: 13/12/16 -

Demolition guns

You would assume that the outlawing of a high powered repeating shotgun may make most happy, there are a few exceptions, in this instance, someone that has already ordered over 200 units at almost $900 a piece. Local firearms merchant, hunter, title holder of 198 Marion Street and wine aficionado Steve Ballas is one of the few Australians to be negatively affected by the recent legislative move. 

wrong demolition wine
Wrong Demolition Man
Demolition Shotgun

Is there a correlation between financial motivation and the demolition of 198 Marion Street, maybe, probably not, who knows. Fortunately, Local Police have said that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the demolition, therefor it is time to lay this interesting story to rest. 


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