Oh the irony: Asbestos of the week

asbestos clean up

In what is seemingly the least responsible manoeuvre that could be performed in a modern age of understanding asbestos and it's associated risks; A local man from the Northern coast of NSW has been issued a relatively small fine for crushing asbestos containing cement and repurposing it as aggregate for a new cement driveway.

I can tell it's asbestos

The story although not uncommon has a surprise twist when considering the nature of the individuals business, performing excavations, demolitions and providing "quarry supplies"  ~

Danger Asbestos

It should be assumed that someone performing work in the presence of asbestos should be all to aware of the dangers, stipulations, regulations and ramifications of not handling this deadly compound within safety protocols, alas, here is an individual that for a living supplies stones, cement, aggregate and performs excavations with absolutely no regard for the potential health hazards to himself or others within close proximity. 

Asbestos found naturally

If you witness what you believe to be the mishandling of asbestos, feel free to report it to your local council or Safework Australia.