Renovators Nightmare: Dundas Valley 2117

Has anybody ever designed, constructed or renovated a house with future context to ease of demolition in mind?


This particular property located in Parramatta's Dundas Valley was built sometime during the early 1960s with subsequent additions and remodelling happening approximately every decade up until the 1990s.

The increased difficulty on a job like this arrises from the specialty techniques required for each particular component of deconstruction as this structure now contained bricks, mortar, wood, fibro, reinforced concrete, a never before seen sheet material of terracotta, chicken wire and plaster all mixed with a decent amount of asbestos for good measure. 

The most complex element was undoubtedly a 45 centimetre thick slab of concrete which had been poured atop of a shed to create more kitchen space, the structure clearly did not meet any regulations and was most likely built without any planning or approval.

Adding to the difficulty of this gargantuan slab of concrete overhanging the properties boundary fence, A PRESCHOOL happens to be located on the adjacent side, thus calling for the upmost in precision and attention to detail to ensure absolutely nothing unexpected happens.