Mystery Bone: Turramurra 2047

The occurrence of unusual items and personal effects on a demolition site are dime a dozen.

In fact, a site that is completely demolished without at least one mysterious artefact showing up is almost unheard of.

Now, anyone that enjoys having a BBQ with mates and/or owns a dog will tell you that having a couple of bones lying about the backyard is no uncommon sight.

What is curious to see though is a bone become dislodged from an almost inaccessible void between layers of brick that form the outer walls of a house. After careful study and consult with our onsite archaeological team (whom moonlight as demolition experts) it was hypothesised to be either a once delicious lamb shank or possibly the remains of a Sunday roast pork - but how did it end up entombed within a load bearing wall?

The possibilities stipulated at present are limited to either: One, a clumsy bricklayer dropping his unusually decadent lunch whilst on the job and being unable to retrieve it or: Two, a large carnivorous rodent dropping it's scavenged meal from the ceiling cavity with the bone bouncing on it's decent and ultimately becoming lodged within the wall.

Will we ever find the answer to this enigma? Probably not, but at least now the remains will be treated to a proper burial as landfill. 

Fig.1 - The mystery bone of Turramurra

Fig.1 - The mystery bone of Turramurra