Auburn, a suburb that according to is a mere 3 day walk to Tamworth? Is that it's greatest selling point? What benefit does knowing this information have to anyone?


I'm not sure, but Auburn is a pretty great suburb if you do enjoy going for a walk "not to Tamworth" but just to enjoy your surroundings, the Botanical Gardens are home to some excellent nature tracks where you will get to enjoy exotic and native wildlife and plants. In fact, the Gardens are so large that certain sections extend to the surrounding suburbs of Guilford and Granville. 
Interestingly, the site of Auburn Botanical Gardens was originally used by early settlement as a source of clay and other materials where they were mined for the construction of bricks, tiles and other building materials. The house pictured being demolished below is made of original dry pressed bricks, which although difficult to confirm can easily be stipulated to be sourced from the regional clay mines. Unlike many other houses in the area "or Sydney in fact" this property was modelled on a gradient with a brick substructure utilised as footings and inadvertently creating a small cellar underneath the main portion of the home. Whilst no challenge for our expert demolition crew to work around, it did give our estimator a little bit of a headache trying to figure out how to accurately calculate the total volume of bricks from an uneven, unsymmetrical and partially subterranean sub structure!