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House Demolitions


Australian Home Demolition specializes in house demolition. The name really says it all. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our work and take care in respecting both the surrounding public and the environment when taking part in any demolition works.


We have all the tools needed to provide quality demolition in any scenario. We have the latest equipment and machinery as well as a highly skilled and experienced team that band together to provide the best outcome and experience for our clients.


The individual aspects of demolishing a home are often overlooked or not thought of by people or businesses with little demolition experience. There are a wide range of tasks and a trail of paperwork involved even before starting the physical demolition process. Home Demolitions handle every aspect of the demolition process from start to finish leaving you hassle free and with a properly completed job.


All our works are done in accordance with all applicable Australian laws and regulations and all necessary paper work, notifications and information is lodged with all relevant bodies before undertaking any demolition works.


This includes:


  • Council Certification
  • Work Cover permits for Demolition
  • Asbestos Permits (if necessary)
  • Waste Management plans and tipping Receipts
  • AS2601 Demolition of Structures and OH&S compliance documentation.


Trees! We remove tree as well so if you have a giant tree that is blocking the path of the new build or any means of vegetation we have fully insured and competent tree arborist’s that can safely remove trees and stumps with ease.


We aim to provide an all inclusive demolition package encompassing all tasks needed in demolishing a home safely and in accordance with applicable laws. At the same time we also aim to be as efficient and environmentally conscious as possible when carrying out demolition works.

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